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Why hire a professional WEDDING makeup and hair stylist?

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Why should you book a professional makeup artist/Hair stylist for your wedding/elopement ? Do you want amazing images that last a lifetime? Do you want to look like yourself for your wedding, but like the best version of it? Are images of you and your partner important? Did you spend over $5000 on a photographer? Do you never wear makeup? Are you nervous about being looked at all night? Do you want to look radiant and amazing all night? Do you not want to worry about your makeup and hair for the rest of the night? If you answered yes to any of these questions, take your beauty budget, triple it and “TREAT YO SELF” to having your makeup and hair professionally done for your wedding.

Here are the 5 top reasons to book a makeup artist and hair stylist for your wedding or elopement

1. How often do you look at your face midday and wonder what happened to the makeup you put on that morning?

You see a meme that gives you the feels and all of a sudden your mascara is running? Or, like always, you mess it up somehow while applying it.

Did you curl your hair and it fell flat?

Did you backcomb for volume and it looks like a frizzy mess?

Did you just give up?

Is that what you want to happen on your wedding day? cause that's what's going to happen. Professional stylists curate their kits to carry products that are long wearing, photograph flawlessly, work on every skin tone, type and texture. Professional hair tools that can tame even the most difficult of hair and the education and know how to create a look that’ll last past all the hugging, dancing, sweating and SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS.

Makeup and hair about 30 minutes after I finished this bride at about 10am AND her makeup and hair AFTER about 9 hours, 1

ceremony, hiking around the woods for the most epic photoshoot, AND clearly dancing the night away!

STILL flawless!

2 How many times have you left the house late cause you just didn’t give yourself enough time to get ready?

A professional will also schedule your morning taking into consideration your other vendor needs, your photo times, time needed to get dressed, any travel that needs to happen. All this will be considered to get you out on time and not delay your entire day! That's what us professionals bring to the table! You still need to ensure you arrive on time, but we take care of everything else. Bridal party, we got this too… Strict rules about arriving on time will certainly whip even the more serial tardy Tiffany into shape.. I do so many weddings and have really encountered almost EVERY issue that could arise, we act quickly and swiftly to correct issues and get you out ON TIME EVERY TIME so you don’t even have to think about it! HOW NICE IS THAT!!??

3. We know your face better than you do, and can make you look like the best version of yourself! Do you know how many times I’ve heard OMG I’ve never been able to get my liner right, or WHAT that's how I look with false lashes, BABE! or, my skin has never looked so radiant, I never liked blush until now, holy crap my brows are on fleek for the first time. Yes, I hear this ALL the time. Professionals are trained to learn all shapes on the face and how to accentuate all of them! ALSO did you know a professional is a wiz at color theory? That's how we can correct color on your skin and not just dump a bunch of heavy foundation on you that's “close enough “ to your skin tone to cover the goods. We also push for skin prep… GOOD SKIN makes for amazing makeup, so a lot of my focus goes into prepping the skin! So from the bottom up, we really work to elevate how our clients look so they look and feel incredible ALL DAMN DAY!

4. My hair never holds a curl! I can never get the back of my head to look good! I get impatient and end up taking larger sections to curl my hair and it never looks good on both sides. Have you ever said any of these things out loud? If so then THIS is why you hire a stylist. Guess who doesn’t get impatient and starts taking larger sections? Guess who can see the entire back of your head and has full access to it? Guess who has a tickle trunk full of tips and tricks to keep your hair curled? Whos’ got two thumbs and can do all those things and them some.. THIS GIRL!!! (That means me)

5. Sometimes you just need to laugh!

Weddings are stressful AF, no matter how much pre planning, it’s still a little stress ball waiting to explode all over your cute little white robe! I personally work to offer my brides, not only a stress free beauty experience, BUT I also bring the party that rocks the party!! We come complete with music, fun stories, and sarcasm is included free with every bridal package!

So book Pacific Brides and let us Cheers some bubbles with you the morning of your wedding and take care of you and your bridal party, and mommas, and grandmommas, and aunties, and- well- everyone!

Makeup and Hair by: Pacific Brides Wedding Photography by :Marnie Cornell Photography Kristen Marie Parker Lauren Rader photo Nick plus Danee Wedding Venues Mountain Springs Lodge| Wellspring Spa | Juneau Alaska | Lake Crescent

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