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"I just want natural makeup, why do I need to pay full price? "

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

"I just want natural makeup, why do I need to pay full price? "

"But I just want Simple makeup, why is the cost so high?"

Contrary to popular belief, natural makeup is harder to apply, requires multiple products and the extensive knowledge of not only color theory, but exceptional knowledge of skin types, texture and tones. It takes years to master these techniques, years to cultivate our kits, testing out Tens of Thousands of dollars in makeup and skin care products to curate a kit that can accommodate literally any face that we work on.

Above is a before and after (WITH NO FILTERS BTW)

Starting with customised skin prep followed by professional buildable foundation. I can offer my clients a full face makeup application that enhances your natural beauty Instead of giving you an entire new layer of foundation that's "close enough" in tone, over contouring and heavy liner, distorting your best features.

Knowing how to properly prep skin and choose the tones that best match and enhance your features is not something you can learn watching youtube overnight.

Can you believe that in the photo above, the bride has full face makeup?

Foundation, blush, shadow, liner, lashes, lipstick, she has the works..

BUT you can still see the little freckle kisses on her face, but her face looks flawless. This is what natural makeup looks like. and it's NOT easy and it's NOT cheap. Not only do you want to look like a flawless version of yourself, but you also want it to not look like your wearing makeup, and you certainly want it to last all day.. This takes talent, practice, education and experience to achieve, the more of these your artist has, the better they are and more often than not, the more expensive they are going to be. Our education costs $1000s of dollars a year, you won't catch us watching youtube tutorials using the newest Morphe or Kardashian products, we're learning skin care, skin science, color theory, chemistry, product ingredients, and diligently testing product under different climates for quality and longevity. All of this to ensure your natural look will not only be almost undetectable but last throughout the entire day.

Pacific Brides has a very serious NO freckle cover policy.. (Just kidding, not only can we do natural looks, but we can also do full coverage looks that still don't look cakey... It's true!)

BUT seriously I have massive freckle fomo, I can't stand to cover these babies.. But I can still color correct and make your skin a flawless dewy masterpiece

Sometimes your natural "flaws" are what set you apart from everyone else. It's parts of your face you see everyday, and when you look back on your wedding photos, you realize that without your "flaws" you look like someone completely different. Our "flaws" your beauty marks, birthmarks, your scars, are what makes you you. Sometimes letting them take the stage enhances your natural beauty. "Flaws" are what make us unique, beautiful and individual.

(Also this bride has full face makeup on.. with lashes, If someone says "You have to wear more makeup for your wedding" it's not always true, you just have to wear the right makeup)

Natural makeup is just that, it's makeup that enhances your natural beauty, it's barely there but flawless at the same time, and only a pro who is experienced in natural makeup can do all of those things, while also knowing how to make it last all day.

Natural makeup is not simple, and simple makeup is not a thing. If makeup was simple, we'd all be able to do it perfectly on our own and I'd be out of a job.

Here is an example of what it took to get this flawless freckle face (who had literally just given birth 3 weeks prior to her wedding BTW) to glow, have perfectly even skin, but maintain her stunning freckles

And the cost of each product

Skin prep

Sonia Roselli - Sex a peel exfoliant $42

- Oil Cleanser $39

- Hot towel facial $45 portable heater / towels

- Water elixir $49

- Water oil $54

- Water balm $49

Purchase these items here

Glow skin prep cond

- Becca under eye brightener


- Becca shimmering skin perfector



- RCMA mixed with water balm

$72 (RCMA at least 3 colors custom blended) waterbalm $49

- Temptu SB foundation

$29.50 x 3 = $88.50 (at least 3 colors to custom blend) $150 for the airbrush and compressor


- RCMA and Kryolan RCMA

$72 (RCMA)

Kryolan $17.50 x 3 = $52.50 for custom blending


- MUFE HD cream blush palette



- Temptu SB bronzer

$29.50 plus $150 for the airbrush and compressor


- Viseart mixed with water Elixir

Viseart eyeshadow palette $80

Water Elixir $49


- Tightline Laura Mercier cake liner with Inglot duraline

Liner $25.50

Inglot duraline $14


- 747 small



- Mac lipstick mixed with Face atelier gloss

Mac lipstick $19

Face Atelier gloss $49

Setting Spray

- PPI Blue marble


$1065 is the cost for just the products used on this one bride

Just the cost of products to provide a no makeup "Simple" makeup look

This is not including my $300 lighting equipment, $150 chair, $65 table, $250 rolling bag, $800 set of brushes, all of my disposables for application, cleaning and sanitizing products.

Oh and travel costs, vehicle maintenance , licensing, insurance, business costs, taxes (Yes I pay taxes), education, and the time spent booking, scheduling, invoicing, and developing all the insightful PDF's, blogs and personal styling advice that I offer my brides.

So when booking or looking for a makeup artist, remember, "simple" "natural" makeup is much more complicated and requires more skill, a properly curated kit, knowledge in chemistry, color theory as well as education in skin. It also requires the passion to listen to the clients needs and deliver the look that best fits the clients request, comfort level and elevates their natural beauty WHILE lasting all day.

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