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How the magic happens. What to expect the morning of your wedding.

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Before we learn about the super awesome service Pacific Brides provides for your big day, take a moment to think about how you envision the morning of your wedding.

Finished? Have you thought about your big day? Do you feel anxious, nervous, excited? Well keep reading!!

It's wedding day!! Here's hoping you got some beauty sleep, you've been drinking water, certain family members xanax prescription has been refilled and it's time for Pacific Brides to rock the room!

But how does Pacific Brides make the magic happen? With herding your bridal party, turning your bridal suit or hotel room into a mini beauty parlor, and getting it done not only on time, but with plenty of laughs and the least amount of stress.

Well let's start at the beginning

Before we even show up (20 minutes early for set up BTW), we have "The Time Line" the holy excel sheet that grants us the serenity of the "God of Time Keeping". This ensures everyone knows when their butts need to be in our seats, how long they have to get coffee, and girl NO you don't have enough time to "run to StarBucks" READ THE TIMELINE! We don't just make this for fun. By the end of wedding season, I look like Zach Galifianakis in the Hangover... Numbers hurt my brain.. BUT they are completely necessary. How else do we get all you kittens out on time and beautiful.. FOLLOW THE TIMELINE KAREN!

"Do I have to bring my own makeup"

No girl, we literally bring everything and the kitchen sink. We have tables, chairs, lighting, multiple foundation lines, hair products you name it.. It's like we do this professionally or something.. We have you and your kittens covered.

We also like to keep clean and tidy work stations cause that will make your photographer happy, which will make for amazing getting ready photos.

We may look like a sephora when we show up, but don't touch, or the bride will get hit with a VERY hefty fine.. Our artists are held to the highest standard of hygienic practices, which means our kits are OFF LIMITS to clients. You can totally look, but don't touch.

Ok now that we're all set up, everyone has their appointment time, they've read the "Getting ready" form (You'll get that masterpiece of organization porn once you book) It's time to start "The Process"

Like a high end beauty production line. We work like clockwork, a well oiled machine, ensuring everyone gets 100% of the best service. Each individual client is treated to a completely customized service. We prep your skin for YOUR skin, we use the foundation and makeup types to best compliment your makeup wearing comfort, coverage and style. From skin prep to setting spray, everything that we choose to put on your face is based on YOU.. What we don't do is the same look across the board, not gonna happen with us. Everyone is an individual and everyone deserves to look their best.

"But we're going to start getting ready at 7am, the wedding isn't until 4pm, are you SURE it's going to last that long?"

Short answer, YES

Long answer, Hell yes.

Remember the timeline, the getting ready form (well I mentioned it, but you won't get to see it until you book), the customized skin prep, hair prep and makeup... Not to mention we use pro brands designed to last all day and in multiple climates and weather conditions. All of these things work to our favor to ensure you won't look like the morning after a raging club night with your friends by 2pm. We also designate a touch up time at the end of our service to make sure nothing has migrated, setting or lifting. Everyone's makeup needs to settle, it's no different from our professional lines, skin heats up, let us take care of it at the end of the service. YOU just sit back and enjoy the morning. Remember, DON'T touch your face, the oils from your hands can and will break your makeup down, cause your skin to produce more oil and can affect the longevity of the product. We can cover most things, touching your face or using your own makeup over ours are NOT things we can fix.. also, damn it Karen, don't steam dresses after your makeup and hair are done.

Also, just use common sense. You're not going to take a nap, lay down, touch your curls after you get ready for a night out, don't do it when we get you ready either.. If I catch you touching your curls again Karen, I'm tossing bobbi pins at you!

Lighten the mood... How do we wrangle your kittens, keep on time, work around multiple vendors coming and going, through drunk Aunt Linda telling the same embarrassing story of you running naked as a toddler for the 9th time, wedding jitters, anxiety, and anything else that comes our way the morning of your wedding.. Well.. We drink. JUST KIDDING.. but legit, if your popping a bottle of the bubbly, I'mma pull out my cup and toast with you and your Britches.

We work with the general public, in an oddly stressful yet beautiful and exciting environment. We've seen it all, and I mean we literally have seen it all. Being a complete dork is second nature, I'm also a mom and can hug the anxiety outta you, or tell a funny story to lighten the mood. I'm being incredibly honest when I say I only hire artists that are not only pillars in our industry, but it is a MUST that they have a good sense of humor, are empathetic and kind, BUT with a little kick of sass in the side. It's important to me that everyone has a great time the morning of your wedding, that the stress is kept to a minimum and everyone leaves the room feeling confident, beautiful, and ready to take on the long ass day ahead of them.

Now Brides... You're in for a treat. Talk about making your morning easy, all you need to do is put on cleanish clothes, brush your teeth, and maybe shower. I got everything else on lock.

Brides start out with a relaxing hot towel facial using Sonia Roselli Skin Care (wanna get this buttery, hydrating skincare line for your face? click here) . Your skin will feel the best it's ever felt.. We make you look like you got a full 8 hours of sleep, even tho we know you didn't. We start with a fruit enzyme exfoliant on your face and shoulders.. We want your shoulders to feel like a strippers butt, smooth, soft, and hydrated. Once you have been sufficiently exfoliated, we use a hot towel to remove the product and move to cleansing your skin with an oil based cleanser. This lifts and removes oil and dirt without drying your skin, and you oily skin ladies, it actually will tell your face to stop producing so much oil... I KNOW WILD RIGHT!

From here, we decide which skin care to move forward with, does your skin need to be hydrated? soothed? moisturized? whichever the condition we have the right product for you. A gentle face massage, moisturized neck and shoulders, and we're all set to start your makeup. Now do we know how to party or what!

Pacific Brides isn't just a makeup and hair company. We're a full service, kitten wrangling, champagne cheering, joke busting, bride hugging, coffee drinking, group selfie taking, makeup and hair company. We're here to not only make your day easy, but we genuinely care about your wedding and how the morning goes. The morning sets the tone for the day, and we take our job seriously. A late party means missed photos, late arrival, stressed out brides, drunk Aunt Linda is probably already passed out. We know how important this day is, and which is why we will do everything we can to help the morning run smooth, so you can just take it all in. Which is also "what she said"

Now rethink your wedding morning with Pacific Brides as your beauty provider. The first vendor you see, the first face, the first step of your morning.. Now how do you imagine your wedding morning?

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