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Where you go I go

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Full day makeup and hair services, Pacific Brides most popular service booked for Adventure Elopements

"Where you go I go"

Photographer Michelle Gonzalez photo and Makeup and Hair Pacific Brides

Have you ever considered the possibility of having a personal assistant / beauty wizard / professional dress wrangler and bouquet holder at your elopement?

Let's take a look at why you should have your makeup artist and hair stylist stay for your destination elopement ?

Well, 1. cause I’M AWESOME!!!

But seriously tho, destination elopements aren’t always in the most convenient of locations. Sometimes you have to hike, off road drive, helicopter, quad, walk, kayak, sail (I've done all of these) and the work we just put in all morning could be compromised. My makeup and hair skills are pretty impressive BUT depending on where your elopement takes place, the elements might fight with you. BUT THAT'S why you opt for "Where you go I go", I've not only tested products in pretty much EVERY element that could possibly be thrown at me, but I've spent years educating myself on skin and the effects weather, sweat, and humidity have on it. My 6 years working in the film industry defiantly helped with that

Shi Shi Beach - Photographer Forthright Photo

But Sheilynne, do you carry ALL OF YOUR GEAR??


How it works is, I get you ready at your location. Be it airbnb, hotel, cabin, etc. I have a touch up kit full of gadgets and goodies to help keep your shit together all day! I also come complete with bandaids when you choose to wear those new Danners before breaking them in and I have to bandage you up in 23 inches of snow. Or a blanket when the sun slides behind the mountain on the way down and the temp drops 15 degrees. SNACKS, cause why should you have to remember EVERYTHING??? Water, extra headlamps, socks, hand warmers you name it, I have you taken care of.

Destination Elopements can be a little different than regular elopements or weddings as you typically spend the day in the elements, instead of a venue or church, so the likelihood of needing a touch up sooner is greater than being under a protective roof.

Mount Baker - Photos Kaitlin Evans Photography

Why even bother with booking makeup and hair on your elopement?

Because you deserve to look your damn best ok! AND think of how amazing it would be to just LIVE in the moment, be present with your partner, and not have to think for one second..

"shit, am I sweating?" "argh, did my hair frizz out" "Does my dress look ok?" "Was my mascara waterproof?" "Shit am I crying? I'M CRYING... my makeup!" "Don't sweat, don't sweat... you're sweating, STOP SWEATING!"

Now imagine me running in to dap, spot, move, fluff, spray and brush, like a woodland elf magically making everything perfect.. ALL DAMN DAY!

Arizona - Photo by Suzy Goodrick

You pretty much get one shot at your elopement, and I get it, most people elope so they don't have to deal with all the hassles of a wedding. But that's where I come in, not only do I schedule your morning, I come TO YOU, but you also literally get to wake up, put on something resembling clothes and sit there drinking your coffee while I do everything else. A relaxing facial, professional custom makeup application, hair styling, and then depending on the elopement package you book I COME WITH YOU!! You don't even need to think about how your looking cause I got you covered! So eloping to avoid the hassle sounds a little like hiring Pacific Brides to take care of your beauty needs!

Treehouse Point - Photo by Dawn Photo

It takes a whole lot of work to get to some of the most incredible spots in the world, and my job is to make sure you can take in that beauty, be present, look at the one you love, laugh, cry and not worry for one second about how you look in your captured moments.

We're not just in the PNW either, Arizona, Alaska, Utah, California, Banff Canada and even Iceland are locations we service the most.

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