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What are my go to makeup and skincare products ?

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

What kind of products do you use? I get asked a lot what I use in my kit, and with good reason, quality products are made to last longer, photograph better and feel nicer on the skin. You’re not going to get the same quality between a Lexus and a Ford, makeup is no different. Drug store, consumer brands and professional brands are miles apart. Not saying there are’t a few diamonds in the rough, but when it comes to your wedding, I’m always stocking my kit with products that make the cut year after year, professional after professional. Skin Care You’ll find two sets of skin care in my kit Bioderma is my trusty go to get er’ done products. They were developed to be used under makeup and are fantastic for sensitive skin

My luxury experience brand is Sonia Roselli, created by a makeup artist, for makeup artists and once you’ve experienced it you’ll want to buy the entire set (NOT even joking, if your not using skin care right now, and your getting married soon, it's never too late to start. Go order Sonia Roselli's line now. You've only got 1 face, make sure your taking care of it. Order here )

A makeup artist without skin prep is like a car detailer painting over rust. Unless your face is already as smooth as a babies butt, skipping skin prep is going to cause all sorts of issues under the makeup. Good skin care will create a perfect canvas, will ensure the makeup will be long lasting and will also help achieve that beautiful natural glow instead of caking on highlighter. Foundation is literally the “foundation” of makeup.. Get it .. lol at least it wasn’t another car reference As a professional makeup artist, I carry multiple lines, in every color and tone to accommodate everyone that sits in my chair.

I custom blend every foundation and have a variety of wax, silicon, and water based foundations to work flawlessly on any skin type. Each foundation is also long wearing, with a buildable coverage so that I can apply from the lightest most translucent to full coverage, and they are formulated to photograph brilliantly and not sit heavy on the skin.

My current collection of foundations are RCMA, Temptu (both SB and HYDRALOCK), Face Atelier, Kryolan Derma Color and now Makeup Atelier. (notice there is no brush marks in my foundation? it's cause I work from a palette as to not cross contaminate, I care bout your face)

Blush, Girl you know I’ve got that Orgasm, IN TWO different textures (if you don’t know what Orgasm is Look it up, it's’ a blush by Nars and you need it in your life STAT) I carry 3 types of blush

Senna and Makeup Forever HD for Cream, for you dry face and mature babesNars for my Powder blushes for a little UMPH and Nars liquid cause OMG they are amazing!

If you haven’t noticed my kit is built to customize every experience for every face that sits in my chair! No two faces are alike.

Eye Shadows Viseart ALL THE WAY!!

You MAY be lucky to find a palette or two of these in Sephora, but us pros have an all access pass to them. With amazing rich pigment and blending like butter, it’s worth $80 on a 12 pan palette. Paired with Laura Mercier or Viseart eye primer, these shadows last all day without creasing or running.

These are my staple items, my tried and true, trusted and loved, I know how they go on, which faces to use them on and in what climate! I’ve got a few other little tricks in my kit, but I can’t give it all away now can I?

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