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Should everyone in my bridal party opt for makeup and hair for my wedding?

Should everyone in my bridal party opt for makeup and hair for my wedding?

Short answer, in a perfect world, YES! You’ve spent thousands of $$ on a photographer, you’ve put so much thought into the style of the dresses, color schemes, wedding design, and your best friend who never wears makeup is planning on going bare face with hair in a ponytail when your wedding design is an evening elegant event and all the other gals are booking a stylist to rock some glamour makeup and stunning hair styles.

OR your other friend who wears lashes on lashes on lashes, full face beat and contour close to an

inch of her life wants to do it herself when your boho wedding is low key and mid day (NOT great for contouring or heavy makeup).

I get it, most brides want to let everyone do their thing, but after all the hours swatching colors, choosing your details and backdrops, your images can be a little, outta wack, when one of the bridal party sticks out like a sore thumb.

It’s important for weddings with large parties to have a cohesive look. We as artists always style everyone within their comfort zone, and we know how to build a look that either elevates their natural beauty for those that don't wear a lot of makeup, or we can rock a sultry, bold look while not over doing it. NOT to mention, everyone will be done ON TIME!!!

No more Late Linda or Tardy Teresa Leave it to us to get them out on time!

We're not saying everyone has to look identical (PLEASE don’t make us do that cause we won’t, not everyone looks good in the same hairstyle) But me and my artists will have guidelines set to ensure everyone looks like themselves BUT the overall look is cohesive and kills it all day and night!!! Plus who doesn’t like a little pampering! Pacific Brides styled the above wedding parties.

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