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Red lips for your wedding?

“You know what would look amazing???”

You say to yourself. “RED LIPS for my wedding!”

Hold the phone…

I’m going to talk to you about the classic and never outdated: Red Lips. And how wearing red lipstick may even be more of a commitment than the marriage you’re about to enter.

ANYONE can wear red lipstick, but whether or not you’re comfortable in it will make a very large impact on your day. Let’s move on topic by topic to see if red lips are best for you. Shape Your lip shape will play a massive role in choosing whether or not you should take the leap and don the red lips of power. Thin, uneven, voluptuous, cracked; there is a way around all of these issues but some brides may not be happy with the finished product.

Wearing dark lipstick draws attention to that specific area. Most people who choose dark lip colors do so because that is their favorite feature on their face and want to showcase it. Let’s take a closer look at lip shapes and how dark lipstick can effect them.

Thin lips

Darker colors make small things look even smaller. Lips are no exception. If you have thin lips, dark lipstick will draw attention to your little itty bitties, but no fear, you have two options: Either -Rock them little lips. Confidence can make anyone look amazing! Or -Over draw your lip line to make them fuller - this option, however, could lead to troubles down the line (all of which we will cover below), but one thing to remember, not everyone likes the feeling of lipstick OVER their lip line. And depending on the shape and texture of your lips, this technique could actually make you look like you’re wearing a pair of wax lips (you know those strange kid’s candies back in the 80’s?) or will leave you feeling a little like Ronald McDonald. Not lovin’ it…Ask your makeup artist what they would recommend. Sometimes a little overdrawn can work wonders. Everything in moderation.

Uneven lips

Red lips are not forgiving. You can see every line, shape, dip…everything. AND you can see it clearly and from far away. To correct uneven lips, you would over or under draw the lip to create symmetry. Just remember over drawing in moderation. You can even use concealer to help even it out.

Dry cracked lips EXFOLIATE!

and often leading up to the wedding. Dry cracked lips isn’t something we can fix the day of. We can help soothe it but not fix it. With that said, dark lips emphasizes everything, including dry flaking skin. If your drawing attention to one part of your face, you want to make sure it’s prepped for the spotlight. Most red lipsticks I choose for my kit are also Long-wear. Long-wearing does not equal moisturizing most of the time, so keep that in mind, as well. If you want that lip color to stay, you can’t have any chapstick on before or after application.

Voluptuous lips

Dark lips can draw attention, but how much attention are you looking to get? Your makeup should accentuate your natural beauty. So, if you have incredibly large kissers, this may overpower the rest of your look. It is possible to “simmer down nah” and under draw your lips. Start with adding foundation over your lips to match your skin tone, line inside your lip line, then color it in. Maintenance Wearing red lipstick is not for the carefree and whimsical. It requires a game plan, strategy, an entourage, and a very understanding partner. (That’s up next)


Your first kiss as a married couple, awkward romance in front of a live studio audience. Red lips are a classic look, but not for everyone. Keep the face sucking to a min for your first kiss. To help avoid lipstick transfer, your makeup artist should have a great long-wear lip color on hand. You can apply it, blot, apply it, blot and set it with powder, this should help the product become more transfer resistant. Let your partner in on the plan as well. I’m pretty sure they’re not going to want to look like the Joker after the kiss.

For those who aren’t accustomed to wearing red lipstick (or ANY lipstick at all) this is where things can get tricky. Lips move - we drink, we eat, we kiss, we talk - all of these things can break down the product, can cause a transfer of pigment to something or someone else and will ultimately cause the need to reapply, or in more intense cases, clean up.

BUT have no fear, you can still have a great time, you just have to be a little more…. aware of what kind of party your lips are having. Keeping a touch up lipstick, a few q-tips, tissue, concealer, and a mirror will help the job nicely. So, before saying “Yes!” to the matte red lip color of the season, make sure you’re ready to say “I DO” to the commitment that comes with them bold beauts.

Product The quality of the product is going to make a BIG difference for your big day. A few things to take into consideration:

Long wear liquid is DRYING. You can’t put anything over it either; as that actually breaks down the product. You can’t layer more color over it, because then it looks like a cakey mess. Long-wear is great if you just want it THERE and the feeling of the product doesn’t bother you. However, it can still break down, and is much harder to touch up. BUT you can make it an entire day looking great, you just gotta babysit them babes and take it easy on any moisture that touches your lips (tongue, lips, drinks, food, etc)

Long-wear cream lip sticks - A little more forgiving, but may require more frequent touch ups, and over all, is going to feel a lot better on your lips. My go to is Nars Audacious Lipstick. It’s creamy, hydrating, takes a long time to fade and doesn’t move easily on the face.

Lip Stains - just going to leave that word there.. Stain, it’ll stain, not just your lips.. Make sure before applying it, you get a tutorial from your makeup artist. A stain is going to give you more of a wash of color, not as bold as the other two options.


Don’t skimp on the dark lip colors. You want something that is going to wear evenly, last a long time, feel good on your face, and not bleed. Most drugstore lipsticks are going to have to be reapplied more often and can bleed in your lip cracks (like little lava rivers moving onto your face). Before your wedding head over to the Nordstrom counter and get a few samples to try. Find out what feels best on your mouth.

Now, with all of this newly introduced info, ask yourself one more time - Are RED lips for you? If none of this has scared you, then BAM, move forward with your bad self. If this all seems like WAY too much responsibility, glad we had this chat, there’s a million lip colors to choose from. Ask your makeup artist which one they think would look best on you, and compliment not only your look, but your lifestyle. Still on the fence, think you got it in ya? Here's a few little tips: GO BUY ONE! Ask your makeup artist for a few recommendations, take it for a test run, wear it for a few days and see if it’s something you can handle for the day. And if you’re still unsure, this is why we offer trial runs for your wedding.

LAST but not LEAST Red lips are beautiful and classic, but if you don’t normally wear lipstick, your wedding is not the day to start a new look. Save it for the bachelorette party. ;)

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