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How to find the look that's best for you

Client- “I usually don’t wear makeup but for my wedding I want full coverage, contour, and lashes “ Me - “No you don’t”

This OBVIOUSLY isn’t for everyone. If you're obsessed with instagram tutorials and contouring and highlighting until you can be seen from the moon, this blog probably isn’t for you. For the rest of you, keep reading!!!

Your wedding is a big deal, the dress, the shoes, the flowers, the photos, the cutlery, the dishes, SUCH A BIG DEAL!!! Well of course you should absolutely do your makeup and hair over the top, everything else is… IS THE WORST DECISION EVER!!!

Your photos are what you have to hold onto for the rest of your life, well that and if you got a videographer you got video too. When you look back at your wedding you want to relive it, you want to recognize yourself. Taking your daily routine and elevating it will ensure you look incredible, and feel amazing too!!! If you usually rock a smokey eye, and it's your go to everyday look then ya bae, let’s rock it out! If your a tinted moisturizer, mascara and chapstick kinda girl, I got chu too!! we’ll bring life to your skin, a simple tight line, full lashes, a tinted chapstick and some flush cheeks and we’ll call ya good

Client- “I want to look natural like Kim K”Me - “No you don’t”

There is nothing natural about Kim K, every image of her is perfectly lit and highly photoshopped even her selfies, and unless you have that exact face shape, that makeup will look ridiculous on you. I usually advocate to brides that they should take their daily look but with a little BUMP! Timeless, classic makeup, and your own face will NEVER go out of style, it will NEVER be outta trend. Avoid using “trending” makeup and hair styles. These will date your images, and more often than not 5 years down the road you’ll wonder why the hell you have brows twice as thick as they should and DARKER, and why you have caterpillars on your lashes.. Kind of like how I look at my over tweezed 90’s brows all the time and wonder WHY THE HELL did I do that.

In the end, you really are the boss. You can decide how you want your makeup and hair for your wedding. When you book with Pacific Brides we will offer you our honest opinion about your wedding look. Our goal is to create a cohesive look between your styling, your dress, accessories, personal style and makeup wearing comfort level while ALSO ensuring you’ll photograph flawlessly all day and night. BUT you are the boss, If you want your entire makeup done with highlighter cause you saw it on youtube, you got it dude!! and then when you decide that was a horrible idea, we’ve got you then too. WE GOT CHU!

BUT SRSLY tho how do I find the right look?

Inspiration photos are a great start, but what makes it even better is learn your eye shape.....

Once you find your eye shape, look for makeup looks with that in the search. This will help narrow down options and give you a much more accurate and realistic idea of what will look good on you! Honestly leave "bridal" out of your search, you'll get so many more options. I usually like to suggest looking up "(eye shape) celebrity makeup" you'll get some amazing examples with a search like this! Once you have a few photos of looks you like, look at them, REALLY look at them. What do you like about each image, is it because they all look pretty? or they have makeup on that you WISH you knew how to do? what about these photos speak to you? This is an important step to share with your artist ( I usually ask it anyways ) because if you send us an image of a smokey eye, and you just like how clean the skin looks, than neither of us will be on the same page! A great makeup artist will guide you through looks prior to your trial run and help you figure out what will work best for you, not just have you choose from 3 styles of what you like best! Share your inspo photos and your thoughts with your beauty expert, this way you'll have a completely personalized look that will look timeless and amazing forever!!! And that's sort of the point right?

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