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Do you travel to our location?

Do you travel to our location?

Of course we do, not only do we travel to your location, we specialize in it! There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting on your cute butt having your beauty vendors come to you. You don’t need to worry about finding parking, walking to your car after services if it starts raining, driving through busy city streets, all of these things are stressful AND can make your day run late! Here are some of the perks when you book Pacific Brides We come to you… DUH! What a way to treat yourself, let us deal with parking, busy streets, traffic. We’ll deal with all of that, and you just kick it and hang out with your squad

Did you know that not only do we come to you, we keep track of all of the events happening in and around your venue and plan accordingly if there will be additional traffic? We care about arriving on time, and you leaving on time so we take extra precautions to ensure it Bad lighting, no problem! When you specialize in working in new and unknown environments you really need to be ready for anything!

Our kits are designed to work in any location, easily accessible, compact and organized. We carry our own chairs that are sturdy and comfortable. We also carry lighting equipment, it is the PNW after all and we don’t always have the most abundance of natural light, so we bring our own! We have reliable transportation I spend about $3500 on my car every year JUST on routine maintenance, During the wedding season I go in more often to make sure everything is running tip top! I replace anything that is starting to wear, and I have extended insurance to make sure I’m not stuck without a vehicle. I also have an all wheel drive, carry 2 sets of chains, and pretty much make it anywhere. BUT it does come with a cost. My tabs are more expensive, my tires need to be replaced more and are more expensive, and fuel costs are more.

Do we travel on location, YES!!! BUT when thinking about booking a professional to come to you on your wedding, make sure you think about what the cost of GETTING to you is, it may be more expensive to pay for your artists travel, BUT professionals like myself take many precautions and take on more expenses to make sure we are reliable! And if an artist is NOT charging for travel, I would really consider what their investment into their transportation is and how reliable they are. Everyone’s services is in one convenient location I’ve done weddings where some bridal party wanted to save a buck so they went to one salon to get a blow out, and another to get makeup done.

So NOT ONLY do you have to worry about finding parking, the weather ruining what you just

paid for, but you also have to take YOUR time from your day to go to all these appointments, then hope that none run over, there's no traffic. You’ve saved a buck, but at what cost? The cost of parking, the cost of your time going from appointment to appointment, sitting in traffic, dodging the rain, hoping none of your appointments run over. The stress and time ALONE, is it worth it to save a few bucks when once you add it all up you’ve spent an hour just getting to places? Meanwhile back at the hotel everyone is having a great time, sitting around waiting for their service in their robes and slippers, sipping champagne and having a blast. Sometimes it makes sense to spend the extra few bucks for convenience, peace of mind and the memories. Having someone come to you for a service is certainly a luxury and a convenience but it does comes with a price. Having someone reliable and professional is worth that extra few dollars. Just think, you don’t even have to put pants on that morning, HOW AWESOME IS THAT??

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