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I love your work, but my sisters cousins best friend is going to do my makeup & hair for my wedding

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

I love your work, but my sisters cousins best friend is going to do my makeup and hair for my wedding.

3 reasons why this could potentially be the worst decision you can make for your wedding

You’ve spent 1000’s of $$ on PROFESSIONAL photography, PROFESSIONAL caterers, PROFESSIONAL DJ, PROFESSIONAL planner, plus the dress and accessories and your going to trust your makeup and hair in the hands of someone who doesn’t do it professionally, and has no obligation to show up the day of. Your face is literally the one thing EVERYONE will be looking at on your wedding day.... All day! (no pressure)

1. Let's talk about obligation. A professional has you sign a contract, this ensures that not only they WILL show up, but if they don’t, they are LEGALLY bound by the contract to either find a replacement (shit happens). Your sisters cousins best friend doesn’t have a contract, they have ZERO obligation to show up on the day of your wedding. If I had a nickel for every time I got a frantic phone call from a bride during wedding season ‘cause her sisters cousins best friend bailed last minute ‘cause they’d rather go to the lake house on a beautiful sunny Saturday then do your makeup for free, I”d have a shit load of nickels

2. “They do their makeup and hair really well”

AWESOME! But can they do someone else’s makeup and hair well? Can they match your skin tone? Do you want to look exactly like them on your wedding? Do they supply their own hygienic professional kit that WON'T give you pink eye? Do they understand lighting and photography? Will their makeup cause flashback? Is their makeup waterproof? Or are they just using a mix of your own makeup and their 3 year old foundation they had in the car? Are they using clean brushes? Did they just double dip that mascara on you? I know I sound dramatic here, but these things happen. Do you know what bacteria makeup carries?

A professional will have the most sanitary makeup and hair kit, clean brushes, and disposable applicators and we care about your health and safety. We also discard our makeup when it expires, cause ewww gross! I know your sisters cousins best friend is doing it for free, but that doctors bill when your eye develops a bacteria infection, or your dermatologist appointment after your skin breaks out, or the cost to photoshop your makeup running during the ceremony ‘cause someone doesn’t know what foundations are best used for cry faces.. (true story, they also had to photoshop all of the makeup OFF THE WEDDING DRESS that dripped from their face when they cried ) . THOSE expenses are going to cost more than what the makeup artist and hair stylist would have cost in the first place. Not to mention, your photos are what you have to look back on, that's something I would invest in.

3. Timing! Did you know that timing is EVERYTHING for your wedding? Did you know that poorly scheduled beauty services can throw off your entire day?

Pacific Brides takes not only your beauty schedule into consideration when we draw up the timeline for your wedding, but we also take in photo time, travel time, we schedule your entire bridal party services, we schedule enough time for you to get dressed and make sure there is ample time for you to have getting ready photos. We are able to work under stress, time restraints, vendors coming in and having to talk to you, we can do all of this without skipping a beat and watching the clock so you don’t have to. You and your bridal party will also receive helpful information leading up to the wedding to make sure everyone is on time, prepped and ready to rock out with our socks out!

Not just timing but the little things too..We carry lighting gear to make sure your makeup is properly applied in the correct lighting, our set up's are professional looking so you don’t have a mess in the background of your photos, we know how to work with photographers so even your getting made up photos are brilliant. We take into consideration all of the extra things to make sure your day runs smooth! Someone who doesn’t do weddings as a career might not understand the importance of timing.

(below is a very VERY common issue I hear from professional photographers all the time)

Say you have paid a photographer for X amount of time, your first look starts at 2pm, family photos at 3 and ceremony at 4. BUT WAIT, your sisters cousins best friend runs late, Makeup and hair runs over and first look doesn't happen until 3, then family photos at 3:30 then rush to the altar! thats photography time lost, photography time you paid for and wasn’t able to use. So you lose out on portrait time and family photo time. Your guests end up sitting around after the ceremony while you all rush to get the last of the family portraits taken and now everything is pushed back. You miss out on your couples portraits and end up with a fraction of the images you were expecting.

These are things couples don’t think about, the little things, and OF COURSE NOT, it’s not like you get married 80 times a year (thats how many weddings I do) so you wouldn’t know until it happened. So let’s not let it happen. Hiring a professional can be a little more than you'd like to spend, BUT when you've already planned an entire day's schedule, you'd spent money on a photographer that is going to be taking photos of you all night that you'll look back on forever, sometimes it's not always about "treating yourself" it's about peace of mind, it's about not stressing, not thinking about it, and just being able to sit back and enjoy your day. So don't chance being left to do your own makeup and hair last minute OR even trying to find another artist weeks before your big day. Let someone else organize and schedule your morning and ensure your liner is perfect and your mascara isn't running all night, hire a pro to take care of it all.

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