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Love conquers all

7 years of weddings, thats around 500 weddings, THAT'S A LOT OF DAMN WEDDINGS!!. I've seen a lot of different families and cultures come together who share their traditions and their celebrations, there is no discrimination, just pure love and acceptance. Love for one another, love for their family and love for their NEW family.

I'm incredibly fortunate in my job in many ways. I'm involved in the most intimate routine of the day, i get to see families come together, I'm with them before the lights, the dancing, the crowds, I'm with them when the room is quiet, and everyone is building up for the day. I get to watch as relationships unfold, as mothers talk to mothers and grandmothers talk to grandmothers. As one culture dresses the other to share their traditions, and vise versa. and nothing but love, excitement and respect is filling the room

There is ONE wedding of the 100's i've worked on that sticks out.. This is the story of that wedding, and the one that will forever stay in my heart and remind me of what the world SHOULD be like This is going to be a little different then the rest of my blogs. But don't worry, I'll put a little sarcasm in once in a while so it's doesn't get too uncomfortable and lovey.

After my trial run with my bride, i knew this was going to be an incredibly special wedding. She told me about her family, her grandmother in China, the history and culture, and I just sucked it all in, there's nothing more in the world i love then learning about where people are from. We all have a story, and it's the gateway to love and acceptance. ANYWAYS!!!!! WEDDING DAY!!! I arrive at the home that I will be getting everyone ready. The Bride, her mom, aunty a few other beautiful ladies, and the grooms family.I arrive, to be greeted by the most sincere, caring man I've ever met in my life, who knew about 5 words in English. It was the bride's dad. He ushered me in and it was clear that he was incredibly hospitable and tried desperately to keep filling me up with tea lol. He tried to make small talk, gesturing with his hands a lot, we both tried to learn new words in each others languages, but really just started laughing a lot. The bride arrived, as did my translator for her family, so I set up and started working. Everyone was incredibly lovely, and as I was working on mom and aunty, Dad kept coming in and cracking jokes about the makeup and hair process, AND offering me tea!! He was so happy to be apart of this event, and it showed, and it made me happy that I was witnessing it. My heart melted, that dad will forever be my standard for how dads should be at awkward events.

This guy ^^^^^ <3

The groom's family arrives. The bride's family is Chinese, the groom's family is Dutch, NEITHER family spoke the same language, and neither family had met before. This is when I was able to witness something more beautiful than any ceremony, any wedding, any Tom Ford Lipstick. I watched two families, despite a language barrier, come together based on nothing more then the love they have for their son and daughter and THEIR happiness. Selfless was the magic word of the day. Each family member, despite any barriers helped each other out. They helped with the kids, they helped everyone get dressed, with makeup and hair suggestions, serving food and beverages. I'm pretty sure I had tears in my eyes almost all day! My life was forever changed that day when I saw the brides dad and the grooms step dad trying their might to communicate


I had to take a quick bathroom break to compose my shit, ALSO holy crap I drank so much tea! This is the part of my morning that really stuck with me The dads sat on the couch, trying to communicate, very small talk, asking about the weather, tea lol. But then, I watched as they started teaching each other words in each others language by pulling out their smartphones and adding visuals to their conversation. They helped each other with pronunciations, and laughed, and not like an awkward laugh, like they were enjoying this moment fully together. The conversation grew and grew, talking about their homes, favorite foods, tea lol. I could have just sat there all day and watched these two build a relationship, that would have never been forged had their children not brought them together. That wedding will forever change my life, how I love and how I see the world and everything in it.

Thank you to my bride for bringing me on this life changing journey, thank you to you family for accepting me on such an amazing special day, and thank you to all of my future brides that will continue to invite me to share a personal piece of their life pie with me. I may do this as my job, but i'm fortunate to have this opportunity in my life to see so much love, share so much culture, and drink so much TEA!

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